-- Working with Gordy Haab on "Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys" was a marriage made in heaven, and I can't imagine making another movie without him. Gordy did the impossible so often, you could almost forget that what he was doing was impossible - And he did it with style and untiring grace and a level of professionalism that had us all with our jaws dropped open. He is a true class act.

-- Jeff Arch, Writer/Director - “ Sleepless in Seattle”, “Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys”

-- "Gordy Haab is a true collaborator. He works from within the film for which he is writing, from it's subtext. His range, abilities and love of various genres of music, along with his true passion for the art, make him a unique composer. His score brought size, depth, and unity to our project."

-- Gal Katzir, Director - "The Works"

-- Working with Gordy Haab was a pleasure and a privilege. His professionalism and dedication were only overshadowed by his talent. He took the challenge of scoring and conducting my entire film, and elevated the project to a much higher level. The film went on to win several awards including "Best Score" in the California Independent Film Festival. On my next project (which I produced) I saw no other choice than to use Gordy again.

-- Robi Michael, Director - “ A Can Of Paint”

-- Having Gordy Haab involved in your film is like having a magic wand... He is able to interpret the themes of your film and blanket it with the perfect movement and ambiance.

-- A.J. Wedding, Director - “ Causality”, “O.B. 1”