Current Projects

-- Original score for LucasArts' "Indiana Jones" playstation video game.

-- Exclusive orchestral composer for DP Music- a music content provider for Lionsgate pictures.

-- Original score for the feature length drama, "Pornstar" - an orchestral score featuring Native American drums and wind instruments as well as electronic instruments and sound design.

-- Original score for the feature length documentary "The Perfect Cappuccino", a film about the history and social impacts of the coffee industry. The score features original instruments designed and constructed by Gordy Haab, using coffee and coffee equipment. (see the espressofone)

-- Original score for the feature length period film "The Last Beyond" - a film about Montana during Prohibition. The score features a full orchestra as well as Native American and period instruments.

-- Original score for "Alter Ego" - a film about the darker side of a super hero. Featuring an orchestral score.

-- Musical Director and Orchestrator for the stage musical, "Fall of the Valkeries".

-- Original score for the feature length horror film "Tenebrous" - an orchestral score featuring Bluegrass elements and instruments.

-- Exclusive Composer for 5 Minute Horror, a short horror film production company.